Ok, you’ve heard from a friend that acupuncture is the best thing since sliced bread but you’re still not sure what it can do for you. Aside from effectively treating a number of health conditions, what are the general benefits of acupuncture?

  • Relaxation. After treatment, clients generally feel relaxed, calm and grounded without feeling fatigued.
  • A mental reset. In the space of the clinic, your time belongs only to you. Your attention can be focused solely on yourself and your health, leaving responsibilities and demands aside if only for a short time. The simple choice to put yourself first for an hour can give you perspective and recharge your mind so you can successfully finish the rest of your day.
  • Relief of symptoms. Depending on what your treatment is targeting, you may notice an immediate relief of some symptoms you came in with. A reduction in cough or wheezing, better range-of-motion and less pain, unblocked sinuses, less abdominal bloating are all possible results from a single treatment. Long-term change, especially in chronic cases, requires a longer treatment plan but initial relief can last a few days and in mild cases a few boosts may be enough to move the body to restore on its own.

TCM acupuncture stimulates energy (Qi) flow throughout the body, nourishing muscles and restoring proper circulation and balance.

So, are you ready now to experience the benefits of acupuncture?